Motobecane 50VR

Boy, I work slow.
May 20, 2010, 5:49 pm
Filed under: Frame, Motor

Just to let you know I’ve been working. I fabbed up a mount for the front brake caliper, worked out a ball joint setup for the Gilardoni and mounted the exhaust. Also worked out a different mounting situation for the carburetor, thanks to good ‘ol Chris Rice. I might have this running by Bomb Prom yet. I’ll post a more detailed update later.


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so does it work. whats the deallllll

Comment by joey

yeah it works! its acting weird though, probably timing. i bought a motorcycle so this has taken a backseat, plus im not sure if these races in OH are ever going to get off the ground.

Comment by shaler

hi, i was wondering about the seat on your beautiful Motobecane 50VR, is it a peugeot 103 cafe seat? is it more comfortable than stock? do you think it would be a comfortable seat for an everyday driver? did you have any difficulties mounting it?

Comment by brendan

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